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I am a seasoned programmer, who is always looking for a challenge. Just drop me an e-mail using the Contact Form..

Programming With Passion

In my many years as a programmer, I have created, developed, and released, tons of successful Windows, and Linux applications; here are a some of the latest ones:

Also, I have been a highly technical Web Developer and Designer for 15 years, starting my back-end web-to-database server programming back in 1995, when the Internet was really starting to take off... Back when the Press and Analysts were saying "Web to Database is nothing". Here are some sites I did:

Some programmers just do what they are asked to do, and that is fine if that is what you are after. But I can provide much more than just developing the application. Thinking out side the box, along with some short brainstorming sessions with you, I can develop a product that will be of great benefit to you.

One such project is the SAVision Video player which I developed for an Australian company. The player started off as just a player, but ended up as a fully interactive player. The company has now a video player that far exceeds any of their competitors.

More credentials:

I hope to hear from you soon...